The Fireplace Series: Looking Online

Event Date: 
Feb 14, 2020
Event Location: 
10-11:30 am, Stauffer Library, Fireplace Reading Room

The Faculty of Arts and Science and the Queen's University Library will host The Fireplace Series: An Interdisciplinary Conversation on Feb. 14, featuring Laila Haidarali (Queen's University, Departments of Gender Studies and History) and Martin Hand (Queen's University, Department of Sociology), who will discuss looking online: how we look at our ourselves, how we look at others, and how we perform ourselves for visual consumption online. Their discussion will consider cultures of beauty and the performance of self online and offline, and in particular how racial and gender identities are experienced, constructed, and deconstructed through various acts of looking, in an attempt to make links between the pre-digital and digital ages.

Dr. Haidarali is a Queen's National Scholar in African American Gender History, and is cross appointed to the Gender Studies and History Departments at Queen’s University. Her monograph, Brown Beauty: Race, Sex, and Color from the Harlem Renaissance to World War Two, traces the interwar development of a powerful discourse of brown beauty, foregrounding brownness of skin as the idealized complexion of respectable middle-class African American women. Her next major work, The Model Project, develops ideas on brown beauty as a consumer-based ideal, to study the postwar glamorization of the “Brownskin” model.

Dr. Hand is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at Queen's University who has written extensively about digital culture, visuality, and consumption. His recent research has focused on how smartphone and app use changes people's understanding, organization, and experience of time.

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