Virtual Exhibit Examines Former Queen's Museum of Near Eastern Archaeology

Post Date:
Apr 28, 2020

A new virtual exhibit, created by a student and professor in the Queen’s Classics Department and hosted by the Queen’s University Library, explores ancient objects excavated at Jericho and Dhiban that were once held in a museum on Queen’s campus.

The exhibit, entitled The Queen’s Museum of Near Eastern Archaeology, re-examines the museum and its collections, which had been established on Queen’s campus in the 1950s for teaching and research purposes. Although the physical museum no longer exists, J. Elyse Richardson (BAH’20) and Dr. M. Barbara Reeves have been able to recreate its history from the objects’ excavation to the museum’s opening to the collections’ departure.

A gallery includes colour images of 20 of the original objects that were in the museum, representing Neolithic, Bronze Age, and Iron Age cultures. These photos are the first images of some of these items to be published. Visit the virtual exhibit to learn more about Near Eastern Archaeology and a forgotten chapter in Queen’s history.


Photo: Left to Right: Rt. Rev. Dr. George Dorey, Queen’s University Principal W.A. Mackintosh, Rev. S. Smalley Lansdowne, Queen’s Vice-Principal Dr. J.A. Corry, and Dr. A.D. Tushingham at Museum Opening 1954 (image from Queen’s Journal 82, no. 11, page 1).


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