Information Resources Vision

Queen’s University Library provides leadership in the development of a global knowledge commons that enables high impact research and scholarship, reflecting our values of diversity, inclusion and open access to information.

Our priorities and objectives for information resources are informed by a continual process of consultative, evidence-based and transparent practices based on the following principles:


We collaborate locally, provincially, nationally and internationally, in ways that strengthen our collective capacity to meet users’ needs now and in the future.


We select and provide access to information resources to support the diverse research, teaching and learning needs of all members of the Queen’s community.

Curation & Preservation

Our selection and retention decisions aim to ensure access to information for current and future researchers and are guided by the university's priorities, collaborative opportunities and our current and historic strengths.


We champion fair, open and sustainable publishing models and advance strategies that enable timely access to information resources at reasonable costs.


We support emerging forms of scholarship and innovative uses of information resources.


We are engaged in the development of the global knowledge commons, providing platforms, services and opportunities to support the management and dissemination of student and faculty scholarly outputs to the widest possible audience at the earliest possible opportunity.

Cultural Heritage

We support the publishing and acquisition of local, regional and national information resources that reflect the diversity of cultural traditions in Canada and support Queen's priorities.

Promotion & Use

We promote awareness of information resources and the scholarly outputs of the university, and help our users to find, use and evaluate information and navigate the scholarly communications landscape.

Information Resources Vision

Information resources refers to content produced or used in research and scholarship, in any format. This includes publications, data, creative works, networked scholarship, archival documents, artefacts, etc.

Cultural heritage: The Content Strategy of the National Heritage Digitization Strategy provides helpful context and vision: Canada is a multinational country, defined by diversity as much as by common values. This diversity ranges from the language, culture, and self-governance traditions of Canada’s First Nations to the language, cultural, legal, and other traditions of the French and English, as well as successive waves of immigrants and refugees who have added their mother tongues, customs, and perspectives to Canada.

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