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The Open Access movement is growing in momentum both nationally and internationally. It is increasingly recognized that the value, use and application of intellectual works increases the more broadly they are available to be considered, shared, and used by others both within the research community, industry and society as a whole.

Here are a sample of useful links to Open Access initiatives in other areas of research, scholarship, education and government, both in Canada and internationally.

Open Data

"Open data is data that can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone - subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and sharealike". Open Data Handbook.

Research Data Management

  • Research Data Management at Queen's University: this comprehensive service includes resources on writing a data management plan, data metadata and citation, research data repositories and archives, funding agency guidelines on open research data.

Guides by Queen's University Library

Open Textbooks

Open textbook is a textbook licensed under an open copyright license, and made available online to be freely used by students, teachers and members of the public. Many open textbooks are distributed in either print, e-book, or audio formats that may be downloaded or purchased at little or no cost.

    Open Government

    "Open government is the governing doctrine which holds that citizens have the right to access the documents and proceedings of the government to allow for effective public oversight. In its broadest construction it opposes reason of state and other considerations, which have tended to legitimize extensive state secrecy". Wikipedia.

    Open Educational Resources (OERs)

    "Open Educational Resources (OERs) are any type of educational materials that are in the public domain or introduced with an open license. The nature of these open materials means that anyone can legally and freely copy, use, adapt and re-share them". UNESCO.

    About OERs

    Find Open Educational Resources

    Open Science

    "Open science is the movement to make scientific research, data and dissemination accessible to all levels of an inquiring society, amateur or professional". Wikipedia.



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