Course Reserves for Faculty & Instructors

The Library Reserve collection is composed of high-use course readings and materials selected by instructors for short-term use by students registered in courses at Queen's University.

Ares, our course reserve management system, allows instructors and students to have one single access point for all reading materials and supports copyright compliance.

Login to Ares

Placing Materials on Reserve

You may place material on reserve in three ways:

  1. Login to Ares and submit library reserve request(s) for individual items.
  2. Login to OnQ and click on Ares to submit library reserve request(s) for individual items.
  3. Email your reading list or course outline to the library.

Please indicate course and code (eg. HIST 250), instructor name, term, as and much citation information as possible. When adding items, please tag your readings by week/module so that we can prioritize requests to ensure readings are available by the date assigned.  Lists will be processed in the order received. Once processed, eReserves will be available to your students via Ares.  You may also integrate your list of readings in Ares into onQ. 

To help ensure timely availability to students at the beginning of the winter 2021 term, please submit your eReserve requests by December 14, 2020

Uploading documents to Perusall, FeedbackFruits or another similar platform?

For many library electronic resources, linking is the best way to make resources available to your students. However, platforms like Perusall and FeedbackFruits only allow you to upload resources and do not allow for linking. They also do not integrate with our eReserves platform.

Perusall’s terms of use make it clear that any liability for copyright infringement rests with the individual uploading the content. Since this platform requires that instructors upload content rather than link to content, determining if you have permission can be complicated. Library staff will ensure that all items are cleared for use in Perusall and that royalties are paid to publishers when needed. 

Steps to use Perusall

  1. To use Perusall and/or Feedback Fruits in your onQ course, first Enable Perusall and/or Feedback Fruits and eReserves during the course creation process.
  2. Send an email to with your course number, stating that you will be uploading the items from eReserves into Perusall or FeedbackFruits.
    This is crucial as the use of these tools changes the way readings are processed in eReserves. Please include the list of items you want to upload to Perusall or Feedback Fruits.
  3. Add the Perusall link to your onQ course.
  4. Once items are approved and available in your eReserve course, you can  add them to Perusall or Feedback Fruits.  Please note, Reserves staff do not have access to your Perusall/Feedback Fruits courses.

Creating a 'stand-alone' eReserve Course Page in Ares

  1. Log into Ares
  2. Select your course from “Add upcoming courses to eReserves using Queen’s registration data”. Your course will now appear in the “Current courses” menu.
  3. Click on your course and start adding readings.  Students will be able to access readings by using the URL provided above.

For detailed eReserves support pages for OnQ, please see the support page.

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