Vision & Mission


Queen’s University Library inspires learning, sparks creativity and builds community. Entering our libraries – virtual and physical – our students and faculty feel the world at their fingertips, the knowledge of the ages and the potential of the future. This community of learning and research, this library, is the keystone of our balanced academy where people engage deeply with each other to ask critical questions and build new ideas.

Librarians and staff work closely with students and faculty in every discipline and in the spaces where they intersect.  Our best innovations happen through collaboration – across the library, with our faculties and schools and through our regional, national and international partnerships. Together, we’re entrusted with ensuring that all information is available to all people, for all time.


The Library stimulates excellence in research and scholarship through its collections, people, partnerships and services, and its physical and virtual environments. The Library is a strategic asset to the University, contributing to the exploration and sharing of knowledge and the development of lifelong inquiry skills for the betterment of a global society.


  • Information access, stewardship and preservation, on a global scale for local needs
  • Collaboration and partnerships across the university, region, nation and world
  • Service that is people-centred, high quality, discipline-focused and inclusive
  • Learning, inquiry, experimentation, innovation, knowledge and continual assessment
  • Community, welcoming space, inclusivity and engagement
  • Communication, consultation and sharing of expertise
  • Wellness, kindness, safety and respect

Ask Us

Ask Us

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