Deposit your Publication to QSpace

Depositing your publication to QSpace provides a free way to meet the open access requirements of the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy.

Request that the library deposit your publication

Contact us at

In the email include the following:

  • An appropriate version of the publication. This is usually the “Accepted Manuscript” (post-print). To learn more see Making your Publications Open Access and Scholarly Publishing: Glossary of Useful Terms.
  • An accessible PDF. Use the Accessible Documents guide from the University’s Accessibility Hub to learn how to create accessible PDFs.
  • Include a doi, citation or title for the publication. Or if the work has not yet been published, include a short note about it's status (e.g. submitted, accepted), and the name of the publisher (if applicable).
  • A short statement confirming that you have read and agree to the QSpace Non-Exclusive Distribution License.
  • Information about funding that supported the publication.

Self-Deposit your publication to QSpace

Begin a deposit

You can quickly start a new submission from this page. You'll be required to login as Queen's Community using your NetID.

Select your department’s collection from the list.

Example: Scholarly Contributions > Chemical Engineering, Department of > Department of Chemical Engineering Faculty Publications

Note: If you begin from the QSpace homepage : Select "Login" > login as Queen's Community using your NetID > select “Submit your Publication” > select start a new submission.

Submission instructions

The Submit Your Publication form has eight steps:

Describe (1)

You must provide the required metadata to describe your publication.  Required metadata is indicated by a * symbol. Include all contributor names and the publication’s DOI if applicable.

Describe (2)

Keywords can be added, one at a time, by clicking the “Add” button. Include an abstract or short description of the publication.

Describe (3)

Follow the instructions provided for adding funding information.

If you have multiple funders you must enter them one at a time. For each grant complete all 5 fields on the page BEFORE clicking the ADD button. This will ensure that your grant information is grouped correctly.


Prior to uploading your publication you must:

  • Ensure you have the right to make your publication open access. We recommend SHERPA/RoMEO. It provides an overview of publishers’ copyright and open access policies. QSpace will only make the full text of your work available as per the terms of that policy, including implementing any required embargo on online access.
  • Format file as an accessible PDF.

Publications submitted to QSpace are Open Access meaning that they are accessible to anyone with web access. If you a have a requirement to temporarily restrict access to your publication, you have the option to enter an embargo end date (e.g. the date the file will become public for download).


To complete the submission you must agree to the QSpace Non-Exclusive Deposit License Agreement.

CC License

You have the option to select a Creative Commons License.


Review and make any needed corrections to your metadata and files.


Your submission is now complete and pending approval. Once approved, you can track it's impact by searching for your work in QSpace and selecting 'View Statistics'.


If you have questions about the submission process contact

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