Interlibrary Loans Information for Requesting Libraries

There are two Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan units at Queen's, responsible for lending material from different campus subject collections:

  1. Stauffer Library - Social Sciences, Humanities, Bracken Health Sciences Library, Business, Fine Arts, Music, Engineering & Science Library, Lederman Law Library
  2. Education Library - Education

Queen's Lending Policies

Education Library and Stauffer Library

  • Monographs: Ontario Universities 6 weeks, Outside of Ontario 4 weeks
  • Serials: No loan


Invoiced semi-annual

Not for Loan

  • multimedia
  • sound recordings
  • special collections

Libraries without protocol software or access to AMICUS should use the ILL web request form for ILL requesting. Libraries who have protocol version 1 software such as AVISO or InterLEND should use Generic Script format to send ILL requests.


Corporate Institutions

Loan or Photocopy: $20.00

Hospitals, Government, Public and School Libraries and Non-profit Organizations

Loan or Photocopy: $10.00

Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL), Council of Atlantic University Libraries (CAUL), Bureau de coopération Interuniversitaire(BCI)

Loan: no charge

Photocopy:  $5.00

All Users

Replacement:  Cost of item + $25.00 service charge

Facsimile:  $5.00 min. charge + $1.00 per page

How to Send Requests

To Education and Stauffer Libraries:

  • Libraries with an ISO compliant system: Contact the RACER Support Office (by email to to verify that ISO to ISO testing has been completed between RACER and your system, before sending new requests to Queens's.
  • Libraries with ILL generic script messaging systems (e.g. Aviso): Contact for information on how to send messages from your system to RACER.
  • Libraries without an ILL Management System: Use the webform at
  • Alternatively: Contact the specific Queen's Library directly.

ILL Offices

Stauffer Library

ILL Symbols: OKQ [nlc] (also contact for OKQH, OKQL and OKQENG), Q2U [oclc], QUC [who]
IUTS Station Number: IUTS - 4 - OKQ
Phone Number: (613) 533-2526
Ariel IP Address:

Education Library

ILL Symbols: OKQM [nlc], Q2U [oclc], QUC [who]
IUTS Station Number: IUTS - 4 - OKQM
Phone Number: (613) 533-6807
Ariel IP Address:

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