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Foreign Office Files for China, 1918-1980

Publication coverage: 1919-1980

The complete Foreign Office Files concerning China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for the period 1919-1980.

Foreign Office Files for India Pakistan and Afghanistan, 1947-1980

Publication coverage: 1947-1980

This collection of files from the Foreign Office (later the Foreign and Commonwealth Office) and Dominions Office focuses on the political and social history of India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Foreign Office Files for Japan

Publication coverage: 1931-1952

Foreign Office Files for Japan consists of digitized files from the British Foreign Office regarding Japan.

Foreign Office Files for the Middle East, 1971-1981

Publication coverage: 1971-1981

Foreign Office Files for the Middle East consists of digitized files from the British Foreign Office regarding the Middle East.


Fossilworks provides query, download, and analysis tools that utilize the Paleobiology Database's large relational database assembled by hundreds of paleontologists from around the world. The two websites and their predecessors have been used by professional researchers, students, and the public since 1998. The Fossilworks copy is refreshed daily. The data are owned by the contributors and the website and software were created by John Alroy. The site is housed at Macquarie University.

Frank Leslie's Weekly

Publication coverage: 1855-1922

Weekly, illustrated newspaper published by Frank Leslie that combined stories about politics, art, science, travel, and war, as well as literature.

Frontier Life: Borderlands, Settlement & Colonial Encounters

Publication coverage: 1650-1920

Frontier Life is a collection of primary source documents, videos and other information pertaining to the life on various frontiers that arose from the movements of Europeans to Africa, Australasia and North America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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